Travel Letters
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"What places should we see on the way?".  This site will help you find places to
visit on your extended road trip -- whether it's by car or RV.  It's an adventure.  
As you plan the route for your cross country trip maybe you will get some ideas in
this non-commercial environment.  

While driving, take time to absorb the beauty of our country.  Learn the history.  
Visit the people.  Above all, enjoy your travel -- do things you've never done,
maybe never dreamed of doing.  

An overview of the site

    ABOUT THIS SITE.  This describes our approach to travel.  You may wish
    to review this to see if our interests are similar to yours.  

    TRIP PLANNING.  Suggested approaches to trip planning plus planning
    tools e.g. books, links to state and provincial tourism sites, websites.

    TIPS & FAQs.  A hodgepodge of thoughts presented to assist armchair
    travelers who are considering extensive travel or RVing.  These are our
    responses to questions we've been asked over the years about planning to
    be on the road for long periods of time, living on the road, and preparing for
    the unexpected.  Our thoughts on the RV lifestyle that might interest
    armchair travelers who are considering RVing.
    TRAVEL LETTERS.  Copies of letters describing our travels.  They tend to
    be more descriptive than the "Places to see" section.  Includes Alaska and
    other places not elsewhere in this site.  Over 200 photos.

    FEEDBACK. We welcome your input on ways to make this site more useful.  
Sunset at Fiesta Key, FL near Long Key
    ©  2002-2014  J. WATSON  All rights are reserved.  

    It should be kept in mind that this is strictly a personal effort.  We have tried to be accurate.  
    If we erred please accept our apologies and notify us so we can attempt to make corrections.  

    This is a non-commercial site.  A few businesses are mentioned because of their unique
    services.  Mentions of places do not constitute a recommendation, and no attempt has been
    made to verify that they are still operating or continue to provide the service.
Sunset at the Florida Keys
PLACES TO SEE.  Terse descriptions of hundreds of places in the
US and Canada.  They are arranged in sequence as you would
visit them when traveling main roads.   Over 150 photos.
A website to assist travelers who are planning extended trips